Sauna Experience

Sauna Experience

Traditional sauna
The old tradition of the Arctic of personal hygiene without hot running water while spending time together inspires this sauna ritual. Done right the sauna experience provides a deep cleansing of body and soul. The sauna is of a classic style – a small, cosy timber house with a wood fired heater and hot water.




We will book your sauna times at check in and you will have use for at least 1.5 hours privately. Robes, towels and special sauna lotions are provided.

How to Sauna

We will start the fire and heat the sauna ready for your booked time.
1: The fire creates heat and when you splash water on the hot rocks the steam will open pores and increase blood circulation
2. Running outside when it gets too warm is a good idea, perhaps a dip in the river?
3. Whipping with birch-leaf branches can be arranged
4. Scrubbing with a rough brush
5. Bathing in the snow or cold river and washing in a bucket-shower
7. Finish the experience with a cool beverage to replace lost fluids
Duration: 1,5-2 hours in total

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