Beyond Space & Time

“To those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part.”
– Aldo Leopold

Tucked away deep in the forests of Swedish Lapland by a bend at the foot of the Raven rapid in Råne River – a hidden gem in Swedish Lapland.

Sheltered by large trees in winter, our traditional but luxurious log cabins sleeps a limited number of people. The magical winter season brings cosy evenings around the fire after a day exploring to the forefront. Accessed by snowmobile, dogsled or skis the arrays of partnered experiences are vast, and regardless of the adventure a warm bath in your hot tub, a visit to the Swedish sauna and a wholesome meal await you.

In the summer, the island converts and as the snow melts the Råne river wraps around the cove…converting the frozen pond used for ice-skating into a kayaking and fishing playground.
Great for cooling off in the warm summers or floating silently during the midnight sun.

Starting from September, fall signals first chances for spotting northern lights, picking berries in forests full of colour and best fishing season.

At Arctic Retreat each season has something unique and special to offer, but one thing that is constant is the simple fact that you will always be in great hands, content with a delicious meal and a comfortable spot to rest your head.

Privacy. Silence. Wilderness.

Sometimes you come across special places that has something that you just can’t quite explain but feel very strongly when you are there. A place to fall in love with instantly.

We found, more than created, the Arctic Retreat in a place beyond natural beauty. We applied only finishing touches to what we believe is a truly special location. Our aim is to keep it mostly secret.

Since you found us – we’d love to share our experience with you.

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